Why Medopharm

At medopharm, we believe a pharmaceutical company is not just about manufacturing, supplying, and marketing medicines. It involves more than that. We ensure that we impact the lives of people by bringing affordable products within their reach.

Helping Global Pharma Companies Achieve Success:

We continually strive to solve the problem of pharma manufacturing, branding, and marketing faced by global pharmaceutical companies.

At every step of our growth, we assure quality as our core competency. We manufacture exceptional products, provide quality at the highest standards, adopt new business strategies, and implement smooth business processes.

Passionate Towards Our Goal:

At our core, we operate with an inner passion to create a healthy world by manufacturing high-quality pharma products. With this passion alive in us we continue to pioneer in the field of drug development, manufacturing, and marketing in both the domestic and international markets.

Driving Indian Pharma Manufacturing Into International Markets:

We make pharma products more efficient, more reliable, and more affordable–opening new markets and making it possible for domestic formulations to foray into international markets everywhere. For decades, we have been doing this consistently.

Five Decades of Significant Track-Record in Pharma Contract Manufacturing:

At Medopharm, we have gained a notable track-record of fruitful collaborations and partnership in the past 5 decades. Our history of successful product launches in both the domestic and global markets reflects our spirit to join hands with global partners.

Dedicated Manufacturing Facilities:

We seek in-licensing of pharma products and sharing of technologies with global partners. We offer a comprehensive range of products for both local and global markets with the integrated, organisational and commercial capacities of our dedicated manufacturing facilities.

Partnership and Collaboration:

Our business strategy works on the principle of a persistent quest for partners who match with our values and work principles. We regard partnership and business collaboration as the catalyst for not just our growth but for our partners as well.

Global Business Development Team:

Our dedicated team for global business development works towards this objective by aiding our global customers and partners in establishing long-term relationship, extending in-licensing support, business support, pharma contract manufacturing, and excellent operational governance in supply chain management.

Our product segment across the therapeutic areas include CNS, cardiovascular, antibiotics, anti-diabetes, pain management, general health and wellness medicine, OTC products and nutraceuticals.

Partner with us:

Please connect with us through email at info@medopharm.com

Why Medopharm

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