HR Practices

Ideologies and HR Practices at Work

Medopharm is not just innovative in developing pharma products but also in developing and building human values. Our best HR practices involve the creation of innovative ideologies that are not just productive but add a special fun element to our workplace.

Ideology – Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Work

At Medopharm, we balance between “freedom of thought” and “freedom of work”. Our employees enjoy the freedom to voice their opinions, brainstorm with peers, and create new ideas.

Our Practices:- Innovative Team Name – “Sparklers”

“Sparklers” – A team of Medopharm lights up the “freedom of thought” and “freedom of work”. Any new idea, innovation in processes, and new challenges are shared by our employees to this team.

The communication is via email and suggestion box. The team evaluates the respective thoughts and validated by experts and implemented accordingly.

The Best thought is awarded cash prize and Certificate based on the decision by the Management.

Ideology – Strong Professional Circle

We firmly believe that a strong professional circle will develop the career of our employees.

Our Practices-We enroll our professionals in various forums, bodies, and various training programs.

Medopharm ensures the provision of a minimum of 2 relevant training programs for each department. A training calendar and schedule are maintained. Training effectiveness is evaluated and ensured so that the knowledge imparted through training is implemented back into the organization within six months of the training program.

Ideology – Self-awareness

Self-awareness, the realization of one’s own personality, helps to own one’s words and actions.

Medopharm paves the way for its employees to be responsible for their decisions, actions, and words. It ensures that their controversial emotion does not impact the people around them.

Our Practices

An Annual Training calendar is prepared by the HR department taking into consideration the Organizational training needs along with the individual training needs of our employees. Relevant training need is identified based on the job roles and responsibilities. Training sessions are conducted by internal and external trainers. In fact, our best HR practice at Medopharmhelps honing our employee skills which reflect in their day-to-day activity.

Ideology – We run the Extra Mile for you

To help individuals fit in the organization and work towards the “Bigger Picture”, Medopharmruns that extra mile for our employees.

Our Practices

Medopharm develops an Employee matrix to understand their strengths and help them identify areas to develop. This is also captured in the training calendar for any further training if required. They also explore their needs in managing upwards, analyze manager’s preference of work, anticipate their needs, and approach for a smoother relationship. This also helps medopharm to identify managers and decision-makers and the escalation process is easier which ensures that medopharm has the right resource for the right job.

Best HR practices – Stress Management

Medopharm uses the best HR practices to alleviate stress amongst the teams.

Task Prioritizing – The employees are taught to prioritize their tasks and commitments to their respective managers. The process is set about well-informed changes in expectation or deviation in work assignments.

Our Practices – This is achieved through a continuous training program. Task calendar is prepared by each individual and shared through a common technical server platform. The Managers or reporting authority views the same to ensure that the job required to be done on priority is executed and implemented.

Employee Engagement – A stress-free employee engagement is conducted on a frequent basis for a stress-free work environment.

Lateral Working – Medopharm encourages a Lateral Working culture. Focused working and sequential completion of the task make this achievable.

Our Practices – Task Management software is used for each department and daily task list processes help in successfully following the lateral working method.

Work-Life Balance at Medopharm

Achieving a perfect work-life balance Work at Medopharm is balanced with personal life.

Our Practices – Saturday’s off and work-from-home on a critical and need basis helps the employee to enjoy a Perfect Work-Life Balance.

Open Interaction culture and asking for help with their respective team heads help Medopharm employees to build a strong relationship and this open line of communication from both the employee and the HOD helps in sharing ideas. This is done by need basis Brain Storming and open communication forum.

Our Practices – Employee Grievance Day is conducted once every quarter. A group discussion is organized between the departments both intra and inter-department. Minutes of Meeting or logged for the concerns and grievance and necessary actions are taken accordingly to resolve all issues.

HR Practices

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