Our Belief


We value life…

It is the very foundation of our principle.To contribute to the healthcare of people across the Globe by offering quality medicines at affordable prices.Our mission is to help pharma companies and healthcare organizations scale and grow globally


Our vision is to become a global pharmaceutical company recognized as a market leader in both domestic and international markets for bringing innovative, high quality, and affordable products to patients across the globe. Committed to improving the value of life, we consistently work towards the success of our employees, our shareholders, and partners.

As the best pharmaceutical company in India, we commit to

The society: Bring value to life with high-quality products through our expertise and accountability
Our employees: An ideal working environment that attracts the best talents in the industry
Our Global Partners: To be the most preferred partner of choice of contract manufacturing and pharma branding
The environment: Continually contribute towards protecting our environment

Our Belief

Our Values


Quality management at Medopharm is a process-oriented system that takes care of the entire product lifecycle from procurement to manufacturing.


Our promise to quality control and extensive support to all our global partners has made us the preferred choice for collaboration in the pharma manufacturing industry.


We’ve grown from 2 people to over 2500 employees. We’ve expanded to 4 manufacturing units with export of over 600 products to 100 countries across 6 continents.


Our business model is strengthened at the root with a strong foundation based on integrity. We are proud to say that we are committed to value in our 50 years of successful business.

Medopharm is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical products in India.

Our Belief

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