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Medopharm is a global contract manufacturing pharma company with over 6000 employees across the globe.

Our 3 manufacturing facilities in India and 1 manufacturing unit in Sudan cater to the manufacturing of over 300+ pharma products in various dosage forms. Our global marketing team extends great support to our global presence across 100+ countries.

The Generics business of Medopharm’s pharmaceutical services caters to the requirements of the rest of the world countries. Medopharm also enjoys a significant presence in the branded generics markets of the Indian domestic market.

Key Highlights:

Best contract manufacturing Pharma company in South India
Fast-growing pharma company in segments of cardiology, CNS, antibiotics, and generics
We have strong capabilities in developing generic and complex products
Established presence in key high-growth Emerging Markets and rest of the world

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Why Partner with Medopharm?

At Medopharm, we have achieved a significant track record of fruitful collaborations and partnerships in the past 5 decades. This is further supported by our history of successful product launches in both the domestic and international markets.

We seek in-licensing of pharma products and sharing of technologies with global partners. We offer a full range of contract manufacturing facility for both local and global markets with the integrated, organisational and commercial capabilities of our dedicated manufacturing facilities.

Our business strategy works on the principle of consistent search for partners who match with our values and work ethics. We regard partnership and collaboration as the catalyst for not just our growth but for our partners as well.

Our dedicated team for global business development works towards this goal by supporting our global customers and partners in building long-term relationships, offering in-licensing support, business support, pharma manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Our therapies of interest include CNS, cardiovascular, antibiotics, antidiabetes, pain management, general health, and wellness medicine, OTC products, and nutraceuticals.

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Business Development

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