Our Divisions

The Domestic business presence of Medopharm comprises the formulations and finished goods in various ranges of medicines that cater to the diverse range of disease indications. To cater to the broad Indian market, Medopharm has four domestic divisions that have a wide range of branded generics under its basket.

Radiant division has become one of the prominent pharmaceutical marketing divisions catering to the sector of domestic antibiotics segment. With a wide range of antibiotics and other general medicines under its product portfolio, this division enjoys supremacy in some of the leading brands in the market.

Cardiant division caters to cardiovascular and heart diseases. Medopharm has penetrated the cardiac critical care market with some of the leading brands in the area of antidiabetes, antihypertensives, and anticoagulants.

Jubilant division of Medopharm offers therapies for central nervous system disorders and other neurological disorders. In fact, Medopharm has penetrated a niche segment in this area where even key players have failed to enter the market. It has a portfolio of successful brands in the CNS segment.

Vibrant Division has a portfolio of OTC pharma products and nutraceuticals in its basket. Catering to the need of the growing OTC product range with the advent of e-commerce, Vibrant has occupied this market space with its stalwart pharma products such as Emcof, Supergin, EQSTA, Medobalm, etc.

Medopharm is the best pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India.


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