Health, Safety, and Environment Practices

Medopharm is concerned about the environment we live in and is more committed to protecting the environment, human health, and safety. As a leading pharmaceutical company in South India, we ensure that we strictly adhere to high standards of safety across all our operations.

We regularly monitor our workplace for hygiene while also giving the highest priority to the health assessment of all our employees at our manufacturing facilities. At each step, we have created a process of continuous improvement to health standards. To further enhance the environmental safety measures, we train our employees and make them aware of the health and safety-related policies and principles.

To adhere to the strict standards of HSE policy in our work environment we adopt the following principles:

  • We ensure that our employees comply with the applicable statutory EHS requirements.
  • By utilizing and enabling the recycling of products wherever possible we strive to reduce the EHS impact.
  • We provide a safer and healthy workplace in all our departments
  • We try to reduce carbon emission wherever possible to protect the biodiversity, ecosystem, and the environment
  • Throughout our business initiatives, we consider the EHS aspects.
  • In our entire manufacturing environment, we focus on waste management by reducing waste and safer disposal of waste.
  • We encourage our partners and business associates to adhere to the EHS principles and practices
  • Safety at work and environmental consciousness is promoted to all our employees

Health, Safety, and Environment Practices

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