Facility Profile


Medopharm currently has 3 manufacturing facilities located at strategic locations in South India to produce finished formulations of generic and branded generic products. We also plan to expand our manufacturing plant in Chennai which would alter our capabilities substantially.

We supply medicines for our own marketing as generics and branded generics, contract manufacturing for third parties and co-marketing opportunities.

Medopharm identifies as an environmentally conscious company and regularly monitors their production lines to ensure no damage occurs to their surrounding ecosystem.

Medopharm’s facilities are engineered to minimize pollution and environmental contamination. Our top priorities include safety of our workers and of the environment around us.

Malur Plant

Medopharm’s first large scale manufacturing unit was started in 1994, it is located on the outskirts of Bangalore. The unit manufactures finished dosage forms (tablets and capsules) for various vendors. This state-of-the art manufacturing facility is WHO cGMP-certified and by MoH of several countries also approved by several reputed pharmaceutical companies around the world. The annual production capacity is 6000 million units of tablets, 200 million units of capsules on 2 shift basis.

This manufacturing and primary packaging areas’ are maintained under Class 100,000 environment, with terminally mounted HEPA filters. It also uses other hi-tech machines that are PLC controlled, a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines.

Chennai Plant I

Medopharm’s manufacturing unit located outside Chennai in Guduvancherry has a dedicated beta lactam facility. This unit was initiated in 2006 and takes orders for contract manufacturing, co-marketing and self-marketing for branded generics and generics. This unit manufactures finished dosage forms as in tablets, capsules and dry powder. It is also approved by MHRA, UNICEF and WHO cGMP and by several pharmaceutical clients worldwide. This beta lactam unit is specialized to produce the range of Co-Amoxiclav tablets and Dry powders for suspension.

This beta lactam facility is capable of producing 300 million units of capsules, 7.2 million units of syrups and 420 million tablets, annually. Medopharm also has the provision to manufacture low RH tablets and Dry syrups, it is also one of the few companies to use a unique Tro-Pack in collaboration with IWK for some of its temperature and moisture sensitive materials. The supplies we use are imported and accredited by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensuring the manufacturing of the highest quality product.

Medopharm strives to minimize all potential pollution and contaminations to its environment. Creating a healthy working environment fit for our workers and our facility.

Chennai Plant II

The Unit II facility of Medopharm, also located in Guduvancherry, launched in 2018 is a General Formulation Unit proposed to cater to the needs of the global orders that Medopharm supplies to. As a modern plant, this facility is designed to comply with SRA regulations and is certified by the WHO cGMP and audited by PCI/S and MoH of several countries. With a R&D department on-site, this facility will also be used to formulate and manufacture newer trickier products.

Medopharm’s new facility is a Solid Oral Dosage Formulations manufacturing unit for tablets and capsules for branded generics, co-marketing, marketing and contract manufacturing for domestic and international markets. It has an annual production capacity of 1260 million tablets.


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